Set of 5 Masks and Mask Chain - By Foxy Originals

Set of 5 Masks and Mask Chain - By Foxy Originals

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$40.00 CAD

This adult mask box set includes 5 unique fabric styles so you can switch it up and change your look for the workweek. The masks are assembled in a beautiful box - perfect for gift-giving. The masks are made with soft, lightweight cotton so you’re covered - comfortably. Mask Filters are available for purchase.


- Includes a 23” gold mask chain for a stylish added touch. 
- Adjustable and seamless elastic over the ear straps.
- Includes pocket for filter inserts.
- Washable and reusable.
- Contoured shape for comfort and ease.


This is not a medical-grade mask, and is not intended as a replacement for medical-grade personal protective equipment or other recommended measures to stop the community spread of any viruses including social distancing, washing your hands, and refraining from touching your face. The exterior of the mask can become contaminated, so take precautions including washing your hands after touching the mask. 


8.5” x 5.25” | 23” Chain